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Where can I use recreational cannabis in Illinois?

Posted by Robert S. Alexander | Aug 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

Recreational marijuana is now legal in IL, but that doesn't mean you can consume it anywhere. This guide will answer your questions about where you can legally smoke weed.

Can I smoke weed in public now?

No. You cannot smoke in any public place where you can be observed by other people.

Can I smoke weed in my vehicle?

No. You cannot smoke or consume cannabis in any motor vehicle, even if parked, and even if you are only a passenger.

Can I smoke weed in my apartment?

Maybe. Your landlord can prohibit smoking cannabis on their property just as they can ban smoking.

Can I smoke weed if I have kids?

You cannot legally consume cannabis of any kind in the presence of any person under the age of 21.

Can I smoke weed in a bar?

No. Just as smoking tobacco is banned in IL, smoking cannabis is also prohibited.

Where CAN I consume cannabis?

You can legally consume cannabis in your own home (see above if you rent), not in presence of persons under the age of 21, in designated tobacco retailers and weed dispensaries that permit it.

Can I smoke weed if I am not a US citizen?

No. Cannabis use is still a crime under Federal law and could result in your deportation.

Can my employer fire me for smoking weed?

Yes. You can still be terminated for using cannabis if your employer requires you to be drug-free. Some employers will be clarifying their policies on after-hours or offsite marijuana consumption, but until you are clear on the policy, it is advisable to abstain.

Can I smoke weed in my college dorm room?

Probably not. Your university can set the rules on marijuana consumption, but the trend in IL is to prohibit any use of cannabis on campus.

How about near schools?

Marijuana use is strictly prohibited on school grounds.

Can I transport weed in my vehicle?

Yes. It must be in a secured, sealed container and be out of the reach of the driver of the vehicle

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