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Vanguard Advocates, LLP is a premier law firm dedicated to guiding individuals and families facing the criminal justice and family law court systems. We are experts in helping families in crisis in criminal and/or family law.

Vanguard Advocates upholds a commitment to adding maximum value for our clients. As a people-centered firm, Vanguard Advocates, LLP strives to ensure that our clients know we will fight for them every step of the way and work to ensure that they understand and can meaningfully participate in their own cases.

At Vanguard Advocates, LLP, we are dedicated to being accessible, efficient, responsive, and technologically sophisticated. Driven by a mission to provide legal services that are affordable, with clear and predictable pricing, Vanguard Advocates, LLP is here for you.

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Robert S. Alexander

Rob is a zealous advocate and a compassionate guide for his clients facing the criminal legal system in Chicago and Illinois. Rob dedicates his practice to helping people move through and beyond the criminal legal system. Rob will ensure that his clients are aware of the way that any case outcome can affect their lives going forward.

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Kimber Russell

Kimber is a criminal defense attorney who prioritizes protecting her client's rights.  Kimber is a fighter with a keen sense of justice. Kimber's focus is on diversifying the legal profession, especially by supporting women and people of color in accessing, navigating and succeeding in law school, and the legal profession at large.

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  • Excellent law firm

    Robert and his team are great professionals and definitely know there way around the court system. A passionate law firm that cares for their clients and will battle to the end to get the best outcome. I recommend having them on retainer. Read On

  • Mr. Alexander was a great Lawyer!

    Robert made me feel very confident leading up to my trial day. He well explained all the details and procedures before trial. We were prepared. I felt very comfortable having Mr. Alexander on my side. Would definitely recommend him and his company. Read On

  • Great lawyer

    I had caught a DUi and I got recommended to talk Robert Alexander. At the consultation I told him everything that happened he asked a bunch of question just to get a real good understanding of what happened and he kept it real about if I can win the case or not. I had a good feeling with him so I... Read On

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At Vanguard Advocates, LLP, we focus on Criminal Records, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, DUI, Traffic, Criminal, Guardianship, Adoption, and Post-Decree Matters and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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